If It’s Fall, It Must Be Festivals (Chattanooga Pulse)

Nice article in the Chattanooga Pulse today that talks about Three Sisters, Wine Over Water and One Bridge.

Here is the One Bridge part of the article…

One Bridge Folk Art Festival
No music this year, but you can hum to yourself during the 3rd Annual One Bridge Folk Art Festival.  This open-air event will take place on the North Shore in the parking lot adjacent to Winder Binder Gallery of Folk Art.

According to Winder Binder owner David Smotherman, “The concept of a festival dedicated primarily to Southern folk art was conceived in a brainstorming session in early 2006 during a monthly artist meeting at the Winder Binder Gallery.  Many self-taught and traditional folk artists felt that Chattanooga needed a dedicated event to showcase local folk talent.”

Almost two dozen local and regional artists will be participating in this year’s festival, including those working in paint, metal, glass, sculpture, mixed media assemblage, and printmaking.

Free.  Noon to 8 p.m. Saturday, noon to 5 p.m. Sunday. Next to Winder Binder Gallery, 40 Frazier Avenue.  More info online at http://www.onebridgefolkartfestival.wordpress.com.

For the full article:  http://chattanoogapulse.com/music/reviews/20-music-reviews/226-if-its-fall-it-must-be-festivals

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