WGOW Talk Radio Live Interview

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If you want to hear more about One Bridge, tune in to 102.3FM on Friday (we will be on sometime between 10-11am).  You can also listen to it online by going to WGOW.com/fm.

Special thanks to Jeff Styles for the interview…”El Jefe” is always a HUGE supporter of the arts in Chattanooga!

If It’s Fall, It Must Be Festivals (Chattanooga Pulse)

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Nice article in the Chattanooga Pulse today that talks about Three Sisters, Wine Over Water and One Bridge.

Here is the One Bridge part of the article…

One Bridge Folk Art Festival
No music this year, but you can hum to yourself during the 3rd Annual One Bridge Folk Art Festival.  This open-air event will take place on the North Shore in the parking lot adjacent to Winder Binder Gallery of Folk Art.

According to Winder Binder owner David Smotherman, “The concept of a festival dedicated primarily to Southern folk art was conceived in a brainstorming session in early 2006 during a monthly artist meeting at the Winder Binder Gallery.  Many self-taught and traditional folk artists felt that Chattanooga needed a dedicated event to showcase local folk talent.”

Almost two dozen local and regional artists will be participating in this year’s festival, including those working in paint, metal, glass, sculpture, mixed media assemblage, and printmaking.

Free.  Noon to 8 p.m. Saturday, noon to 5 p.m. Sunday. Next to Winder Binder Gallery, 40 Frazier Avenue.  More info online at http://www.onebridgefolkartfestival.wordpress.com.

For the full article:  http://chattanoogapulse.com/music/reviews/20-music-reviews/226-if-its-fall-it-must-be-festivals

One Bridge Folk Art Festival returns Oct. 4-5

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Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2008 , 10:32 a.m.

One Bridge Folk Art Festival returns Oct. 4-5

The 3rd annual One Bridge Folk Art Festival will add to the celebratory spirit of the North Shore on Oct. 4 and 5.

Hosted by Winder Binder Gallery of Folk Art owner David Smotherman, the festival will be held in the Frazier Avenue parking lot adjacent to the Walnut Street Bridge.

“It’s just like a big party out there,” said Mr. Smotherman. “There’s not that pretension.”

As a regular host of art events such as Who-Fest and Art ‘til Dark, Mr. Smotherman welcomes the opportunity to present the public with a more intimate and focused folk art festival.

He said such an atmosphere is one favored by folk artists and their fans, himself included.

“It’s like an art reunion for the artists themselves,” said Mr. Smotherman, who handpicked the artists who will be exhibiting. “It’s my favorite because it’s all old friends.”

New friends are likely to join in the creative fun, as One Bridge will overlap with Wine Over Water on Saturday. Mr. Smotherman purposefully chose to have his festival intersect with the wine tasting that leads people toward the Winder Binder parking lot.

“You always want to do a show at the same time something else big is going on,” said Mr. Smotherman, confident in the crowd that will be drawn to the weekend events. “People who go to do a wine tasting are the people who enjoy art.”

The 20 exhibiting artists will offer a wide variety of work priced to suit every collector. Such is the aim of most folk art, which is at its core whimsical, accessible and, for the most part, affordable.

Buyers will have the option to purchase prints of the festival’s poster, which was designed by Charles “Niznik” Clendenin. Mr. Clendenin’s work depicts a vibrant Walnut Street Bridge, and 50 limited edition prints will be available for purchase.

Jewelry will also be for sale alongside paintings and drawings at the rain or shine event.

The festivities begin at 10 a.m. Saturday and noon Sunday. The closing times are loose, according to Mr. Smotherman, who recognizes the nature of most swinging parties.

For more information visit winderbinder.wordpress.com.


One Bridge Limited Edition Print

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Limited edition print by Charles “Niznik” Clendenin.  50 numbered and signed prints are available.  Unframed $95, Framed $165.

One Bridge Weather Report

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Well, fall is FINALLY here and the weather looks PERFECT for this weekend’s One Bridge Folk Art Festival…

(you gotta love it when weather.com uses the words “abundant sunshine”!

Friday Oct 3


Precip: 10%

Sunshine. Highs in the mid 70s and lows in the upper 40s.

Saturday 4


Precip: 0%

details details

Mainly sunny. Highs in the mid 70s and lows in the low 50s.

Sunday 5


Precip: 10%

Abundant sunshine. Highs in the upper 70s and lows in the mid 50s.

Thanks to Katy Mena!

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The Times Free Press is always great to help us promote our events and this time was no exception.

Look for a nice article in the North Shore edition on Wednesday and I believe a nice little blurb in the Friday Weekend section.

Should have some more news on other media promotion early next week.

Just 10 more days!  As of right now, the weather looks perfect!

Only 11 more days ’til One Bridge!

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I am switching all our sites (festivals) to a blog format, I apologize for being a little behind on this one.

The quick scoop goes like this…

3rd Annual One Bridge Folk Art Festival will be Saturday, October 4th (Noon-8pm) and Sunday, October 5th (Noon-6pm)

We will be updating this blog daily (sometimes multiple times a day) over the next week and a half…keep coming back for more!

“Pages” now active

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Participating Artists, Exhibitor Info and Maps/Directions pages have all been updated.